Turn Your Content Into a Lead Generation Engine

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Successfulcontent marketers realize that blogging, social media and even their website initiatesa conversation between their company and their audience.

Whenpromoting a business on any platform, online, in print or in another medium. itis important to recognize that marketers are not producing something to add toincessant internet chatter. Rather, they are hopeful that posts are engagingand relevant to their audience and becomes, effectively, a lead generationengine.

Donecorrectly, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leadsfor businesses.

In this article, Centori will outline a few ways marketers can stylize and improve their content to become lead generation engines.

CraftBuyer Personas

Buyerpersonas are a fictional account of the ideal customers businesses are tryingto reach. Strong content marketers recognize that the best leads are the rightones. Marketers should compose a written biography of their ideal customer consideringseveral characteristics such as name, age, income, gender, location, ambition,solutions and decision-making.

Buyerpersonas should be as detailed as possible to give everyone a strong sense ofwho they are trying to connect with online or in person.

Ofcourse, businesses could craft multiple buyer personas for their website’scontent. In order to figure out how many buyer personas to create, a helpfulplace to start can be the FacebookAudience Insights tool. This tool can teach marketers who is viewing theirsite and can provide a helpful basis for writing a buyer persona.


Inorder to be creative with content, marketers may need to engage in some unorthodoxmethods to turn their content into a lead generation engine. Contentsyndication, which is the process of posting content to third party sites thatgain more traffic, is one such way of thinking.

Contentsyndication mutually benefits the third-party site and your content by theexposure on the other’s website.

Manythird-party companies offer an opportunity for cross promotion on their website.For example, Netline can targetpotential leads. Netline is also performance-based which means you only pay forthe leads you acquire.

Medium is another platform that Centori uses forthe content we run on our website. Content syndication is an opportunity thatcan provide many more leads if done strategically.

Insightfuland Engaging Content with Upgrades

Whena prospective client first clicks on your website or visits your social mediapages, you will want to keep them engaged with your best content. In order to getinformation about your audience, such as their name and email, make sure toleverage your best content at the forefront of your digital presence.

EBooks,Reports, Videos, Infographics and other social media posts are often the mosteffective content because they can solve an immediate problem for your audienceor accessible at any point that an audience member may need. Anticipating theirneeds, achieved through crafting thorough buyer personas, is the best way tofigure out what content you should feature prominently on your website.

Yourcontent can also become a lead generation engine if you offer upgrades to userswho subscribe to your website. Insider content can keep users coming back toyour site to try a product or offer feedback.


Contentmarketers know that every new blog article, website update or social media postis an opportunity to engage with their audience directly. The techniques offeredhere are the initial steps to turn your content into a lead generation engine. Considerthese tips when crafting your next marketing endeavor in order to beginengaging with new customers today.

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