12 Best Content Marketing Slack Communities

Lauren Reilly

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May 22, 2024

Tired of trying to market and grow your business alone?

Or looking to strengthen your content marketing muscles?

Joining a Content Marketing Slack community might be the answer to your woes. Slack is a popular messaging platform that also hosts thousands of online communities. Slack is packed with easy-to-use tools to help you connect with others and for niche communities to connect you with any industry’s top-tier professionals. 

The first question you need to answer is: Which Content Marketing Slack community is best for you? We’ve curated the top 12 online communities below just for you!

What is a Slack Community?

Slack is among the most popular messaging and chat platforms on the web. 

Slack includes features such as allowing you to chat, share documents, make video and audio calls, and integrate different software apps to collaborate with your team. Slack is tailored toward businesses for internal communication, but it’s also handy for community building. 

A company can run a Slack community for external members and customers. Slack communities are great places to connect with like-minded individuals, get help or mentorship, and build your network. By joining a Content Marketing Slack community, you can see the current state of content marketing and digital marketing and current trends. 

As the industry constantly changes, this resource is invaluable to both content marketing professionals and marketers. Unlike competitors like Facebook groups, Slack communities allow users to chat with people in real-time, building more meaningful relationships.

The Benefits of Joining a Marketing Slack Community

Joining a Slack community puts you at the center of a robust and supportive network of individuals dedicated to helping and bettering each other. Joining a Slack community will allow you to:

  • Gain access to the knowledge of like-minded professionals dedicated to sharing advice 
  • Network
  • Give valuable insight into the industry
  • Join live events, webinars, or coaching calls (if the community offers them)

Slack communities allow you to get help when you need it most. For a Content Marketing Slack community, this could be advice on a content strategy, industry insights, recommendations on increasing website traffic, or troubleshooting a technical content marketing issue. Slack saves you precious time by giving you access to a broader support network.

What Are The Best Content Marketing Slack Communities?

Now that you know the pros of joining a Content Marketing Slack community - we can help you choose the one that is best for you! Below is a list of the 12 best Content Marketing Slack communities on the web. Some are free, and others are paid—each offers value, so whether you opt for a premium or free community will depend on how much you wish to invest (and how big a return you want to get).


Centori is an SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) coaching company that offers a Slack community where you can connect with marketers, founders, and content marketing experts. Unlike other providers that offer only a Slack community, Centori gives you direct access to content marketing experts, exclusive content and templates, and live monthly calls to provide you and your entire team the support you need to succeed in content marketing. 

While most approaches to content marketing rely on blogging, there is such a thing as too much blogging. At Centori, we take a different approach to content marketing. By teaching marketers how to think strategically about their business and customers, we help them learn how to use their content effectively to generate web traffic and convert more business. Here’s what a few marketers are saying about our community:

  • I received incredible value from Centori on SEO, content creation, content distribution, analytics, blogging, keyword selection, subject selection, etc. 10/10 would recommend it for anyone trying to kickstart their SEO efforts. They are legit!
  • With weekly calls, access to Tyler in Slack between calls, and a robust software program to help generate keywords, we left the program with a market-ready SEO strategy, which we're excited to launch this month. I also really enjoyed collaborating with the other participants to learn from their experiences as entrepreneurs.
  • Before Centori, I only got generic advice, cheaply produced using automated analysis tools. Centori is different though. They invested time to understand our product, gave us valuable guidance and support so we could figure out why the competition was eating our lunch and what to do about it. We achieved a lot more than I expected in a very short period.

Price: $39/month

With Centori you will be able to:

  • Fully access the Slack community for you and your team
  • Connect with other marketers, founders, and content marketing experts
  • Join monthly expert-led, live group coaching calls
  • Purchase one:one coaching hours for $199/hour

With Centori, you get full access to the Centori SEO all-in-one software platform. This means you don’t need to pay extra for an SEO tool; it’s all baked into one price. Sign up for Centori and join our community today.


Beginning as a subreddit of the same name until the admin decided to move the community to Slack, the BigSEO Slack community took off with over a few hundred members in a matter of days. BigSEO now teaches over one million users and provides services in SEO, SEM, and CRO. BigSEO helps entrepreneurs and companies improve their businesses via digital marketing, and what’s more: BigSEO is also the world’s largest Spanish-speaking SEO community.

Price: Free

Membership Includes:

  • Opportunity to make connections and build business relationships
  • Access to a fast-growing community with over 2,300 members
  • Discuss trends and algorithm updates
  • A fun and inviting environment where you can make friends and potential business partners


Founded by David Markovich in 2015, OnlineGeniuses offers a uniquely large community where marketers can come together and share their collective knowledge and skills, from SEO to social media content marketing. OnlineGeniuses has members from top companies, including Macy’s, GrubHub, Facebook, Google, Viacom, and Best Buy. With numerous channels dedicated to topis, including SEO and marketing, OnlineGenisues has ever-expanding resources. With a following of over 30,000 professionals worldwide, there’s plenty of opportunity to learn from others' experiences and problem-solve together with OnlineGenisuses. 

Price: Free

Membership Includes:

  • Joining a large community of marketing professionals
  • Ability to connect with manually vetted community members
  • Access to job opportunities
  • Opportunities for live events with owners
  • Active “Ask Me Anything” AMA discussion channel with industry veterans


Manhattan agency MostlyMarketing offers a community where professionals of all experience levels can brainstorm new ideas and upgrade their marketing skills. MostlyMarketing provides numerous tools to users, including advanced technology, web design, digital campaigns, map optimization, growth hacking strategies, local search, and ongoing client communication. In addition, MostlyMarketing provides a unique and lively community that thrives off sharing social events for networking.

Price: $5/month

Membership Includes:

  • Access to weekly community auditing sessions to help optimize and grow your business
  • Join a thriving and lively community that regularly has engaging events
  • Access to like-minded professionals for networking and career advancement
  • Access to knowledge from high-level industry professionals

Demand Curve

Founded by a company known for its growth-marketing skills and connections with high-profile brands such as Microsoft, Zendesk, etc, DemandCurve allows for more high-quality conversations due to their selective admission process. With their Growth Program, Demand Curve’s course helps marketers obtain the knowledge they need to scale revenue and traction. Demand Curve’s Slack community has various channels, including paid social adds, e-commerce, content marketing, e-commerce, and more. There are even some hidden Slack channels that are invite-only.

Price: $1,200

Membership Includes:

  • Access to hand-picked freelancers and agencies
  • Access to high-quality marketing courses
  • A wide array of Slack channels covering topics ranging from Shopify plugins to copywriting and more

Marketers Chat

Syed Irfaq, founder of Marketers Chat, started the Slack community to bridge the communication gap in the affiliate marketing industry and internet marketing generally. Currently, Marketers Chat has 6,000 users, with backgrounds in Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO, and more. Users have access to Market Chat’s Slack community, which has ten channels where users can ask questions and network. Affiliate marketing (a performance-based marketing strategy) is naturally Marketers Chat's forte, and multiple channels revolve around discussing it.

Price: Free

Membership Includes:

  • Access to a large community of over 6,000 members ready to offer advice/consultation, insight, and thoughtful discussion
  • Access to data audits and valuable software
  • Access to a community centered on affiliate marketing
  • Access to niche-specific information from well-informed and experienced professionals


For anyone who loves marketing, Growmance started initially as a place for the founder to hold “mastermind” talks with like-minded professionals. Growmance markets itself as a community that allows anyone to access the platform’s knowledge regarding digital marketing, lead generation, and growth hacking. With over 3,000 members, Growmance has added multiple channels, and users now share many “growth hacking” ideas with the community. Furthermore, Growmance posts early access to marketing certificates, new marketing technologies, job postings, and more.

Price: Free

Membership Includes:

  • Gain insight into current marketing trends and best practice advice from experienced professionals
  • Access to a wide array of resources for self-starter marketers
  • Advice on growth hacking to fast-track career growth
  • Feedback on marketing ideas on the “Help the marketer out” channel
  • Access to a large community of over 4,000 members

Creative Tribes

Creative Tribes is a Slack community tailored to startup entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, strategists, writers, and designers. With over 1,800 users, Creative Tribes has fostered discussion on topics including tribe-building strategies, resources, and experience for over nine years. With over 22 channels, Creative Tribes allows users to peek into peers' valuable perspectives and experiences to grow their businesses, profits, and tribes.

Price: $27

Membership Includes:

  • Access to community events
  • Access to live AMAs and receive helpful advice from community members
  • Access to job postings for professionals in the market for new roles
  • Access to resources solely for solopreneurs


Initially beginning as a small chatroom using a program called Beluga, Measure took advantage of the integration opportunity after Slack was opened to the public. Finding that Slack could eliminate vendor spam, Measure realized this would allow for a more exclusive community. As a real-time forum Measure allows users to come together in discussion and create solutions to navigating the complex realm of digital marketing. 

Price: Free

Membership Includes:

  • Access to a Slack community that is for users of any experience level
  • Access to high-profile industry experts
  • Access to job postings
  • Learn about how others in the industry address common problems

Link Building HQ

Founded by the company USERP, Link Building HQ is a Slack community dedicated to high-quality link building and consulting for agencies, business owners, and SEOs. Link Building HQ is trusted by over 2,600 agencies and has served over 60 industries. Link Building HQ provides an exclusive, invite-only Slack community that connects users with hundreds of top brands.

Price: $3000/month (Startup Consulting Plan)

Membership Includes:

  • Access to a Slack community dedicated to link-building
  • Access to exclusive backlink opportunities
  • Access to job opportunities
  • Monthly strategy sessions


Founded in 2020 by Jimmy Daly and Walter Chen, Superpath is devoted to educating users specifically on content marketing. Superpath’s community is composed of over 3,000 professionals who engage in high-level discourse on a variety of topics, including writing, career development, SEO, networking, content strategy, workflow, distribution, and much more. Superpath also hosts a job board for content-specific roles and provides graduate-level education.

Price: Free

Membership includes:

  • Access to Superpath’s #freelance, #collab, #hire-me, #general, and #job-listings Slack channels
  • Weekly newsletter and podcast

Product-led Growth

With around 15,000 participants, Product-led Growth is a Slack community for marketers. Members come from companies including Hubspot, PayPal, and Amplitude as it is the world’s largest  Product-Led Growth community. Joining is as simple as entering your email address, and you'll immediately have access to numerous channels.

Price: Free

Membership includes:

  • Learn and share industry practices
  • Get questions answered by experts
  • Find and share job openings and industry events
  • Exclusive templates, research, and guides

What Content Marketing Slack Community is Right for You?

With ample options to choose from, we'd recommend choosing a community that is friendly and supportive at all levels of your content marketing journey, gives you direct access to content marketing experts for helpful advice, and provides live events to meet with other marketers and founders and learn together. Of these 12 communities, Centori is one of the best options. With Centori, you'll get invites to our private Slack community, access to live coaching calls each month, and our all-in-one SEO software, which will help you improve your content marketing strategy.

If you’re looking for the best Content Marketing Slack community around, look no further than Centori. Sign up today!

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