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Let’s face it. SEO can be hard.

That’s why we put together these SEO templates. They’ll help you nail each step of the process, from finding high-value keywords to optimizing pages, measuring your results and more.

This page contains a library of templates to help you grow your organic search traffic. Download one, or all, and start growing your traffic today.

The ultimate copywriting resource bundle

SEO gets people through the door, but then what happens? Having hundreds, or thousands, of people coming to your site every month is awesome - but if they aren't buying from you it's less-awesome. That is where copywriting comes in.

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The ultimate SEO checklist

Put your SEO strategy in the best position possible to succeed with our ultimate SEO checklist. Most SEO checklists are generic to-do lists, and frankly we got tired of it. That's why we compiled our best tips and best practices for you.

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SEO strategy guide and template

Create an effective SEO strategy with this free SEO Strategy Guide (available as a PDF). Unlike other SEO strategy guides (which advise you on building a massive list of keywords and blogging about them) this guide will show you to build an effective SEO plan through our four principles of strategy. Set your goals and build a unique SEO strategy to outsmart your competition and get in front of your customers.

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Free Buyer Persona templates

Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one. In order to build an effective SEO/content strategy you need a clear understanding of who you are trying to reach. Download our SEO buyer persona guide and template. You'll learn how to create effective SEO buyer personas, and how to use them to guide your content strategy to better rankings and resuslts.

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