Free SEO and marketing resources

Use these free SEO templates to  nail each step of the process, from finding high-value keywords to optimizing pages, measuring your results and more.

20 quick SEO wins to help you rank fast

We've compiled 20 proven quick SEO wins that help your website rank fast, and speed up your path to the top of Google Search results. Apply these quick wins regularly and you will see your traffic grow and leave your competitors in the dust.


Content brief template

Stop writing content that ranks on page 4 of Google. This content brief template will help you plan, research, and write content that can make it to the first page of Google. We break down the exact process that we use with our own content and teach to our clients in this free content brief template.


5 step marketing plan

If you're getting more traffic, but not any more sales then this 5-step marketing plan is for you. We won't cover the tired advice you've been getting, instead these are 5 practical ways that you can turn your website into a marketing engine and growth machine for your business.


3 mistakes that are killing your keyword research

Keyword research is critical to the success of your SEO strategy, but these 3 mistakes can doom your SEO strategy before you begin. Learn the most common mistakes people make in keyword research and how to avoid them.


SaaS SEO Survival Guide

There are patterns in how your customers are using Google to answer their questions and buy products, and there are 5 ways you can take advantage of these patterns on your website. Download this guide and start winning at SEO.


Keyword funnel for advanced keyword research

Your best bet at capturing more traffic from search and converting visitors into customers lies in understanding how your customers use Google down the funnel. Download our free keyword funnel worksheet and video to learn how you can drive and convert more business on your site from Google.


The ultimate copywriting resource bundle

SEO gets people through the door, but then what happens? Having hundreds, or thousands, of people coming to your site every month is awesome - but if they aren't buying from you it's less-awesome. That is where copywriting comes in.


The ultimate SEO checklist

Put your SEO strategy in the best position possible to succeed with our ultimate SEO checklist. Most SEO checklists are generic to-do lists, and frankly we got tired of it. That's why we compiled our best tips and best practices for you.


SEO strategy guide and template

Discover the secret to building an SEO strategy that launches you ahead of your competitors on Google. No “build a big list of keyword” ideas here. We’re talking real strategies that companies use to win and dominate search.Download our free guide and build an SEO strategy that wins.


10x your traffic with our proven SEO strategy framework

Get the same strategy framework we teach every single client. Follow these 4 steps to outsmart your competitors on Google and rank your website higher than ever.