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SEO strategy guide and template

Create an effective SEO strategy with this free SEO Strategy Guide (available as a PDF). Unlike other SEO strategy guides (which advise you on building a massive list of keywords and blogging about them) this guide will show you to build an effective SEO plan through our four principles of strategy. Set your goals and build a unique SEO strategy to outsmart your competition and get in front of your customers.

Why use the SEO strategy guide and template

Ranking in search can be transformative for your business. Getting there is a different story.

Strategy is not complex, but it is hard. Most SEO strategy guides advise you to build a massive list of keywords, blog about them, and ask for backlinks. These are tactics, but they are not strategy.

That’s where this SEO strategy guide comes into play. This guide will show you how to think strategically about SEO and identify real opportunities to boost your rank. We break strategy into 4 basic principles:

  1. Set your goal
  2. Identity your playing field
  3. Create content that wins
  4. Measure as you go and reassess as needed.

That all adds up to a real competitive advantage.

Use this template to set up an SEO strategy for your business, and maximize your traffic from Google.

What is included?

Here’s what’s included in this SEO strategy guide:

  1. A walkthrough of our 4 strategic principles
  2. Define your target audience: Who are they and what do they search for?
  3. Topic-driven keyword research: How to find high-potential topics and keywords.
  4. How to create content that wins in search results
  5. Setting SEO goals that are tied to actual business goals: This is the only way to know if your SEO strategy is really working.