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Build lists of targeted keywords your customers are searching for and fuel your content strategy.

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Powerful keyword research tools without the headaches

Centori makes keyword research a breeze. Build lists of highly targeted keywords in seconds, compare them, and build a strong foundation for a content strategy that improves your rank. Centori provides everything you need to find the right keywords to target.

Uncover the keywords your customers are searching for

Build lists of keywords by topic, persona, product - the sky is the limit!

Centori pulls in data from Google Ads to show you search volume, search trends, cost per click, competition, and more to help you find the right keywords to target. Every time you build a list Centori taps into its database of over 3 billion keywords along with keywords your website already ranks for in Google Search Console.

Monitor search trends overtime

With our search history report you can see the past year's worth of search volume for any keyword to see which of your keywords are trending. Search history updates every month giving you accurate data to inform your decisions.

See who else is also ranking for your target keywords

Dig deeper into your keywords to see who is also ranking for them, how much traffic they get per month, and more to help your team prioritize keywords and target them effectively.