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Keyword research  without the headaches. Browse thousands of keyword suggestions, save them to your lists, track your rank and more.

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Keyword research, simplified and unlimited

Kiss keyword limits goodbye. Centori brings you billions of keyword suggestions at your fingertips with unlimited searches, tracked keywords, and lists. Centori provides everything you need to find the right keywords to target for your SEO strategy.

Thousands of quality keyword ideas in seconds

Build your keyword research strategy in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Centori pulls keywords from a database of over 3 billion keywords to show you search volume, keyword difficulty, your rank and more.

Search volume, difficulty, and more advanced metrics

Sort keywords by search volume, cost per click, keyword difficulty to find the right ones to target for your SEO strategy.

Save unlimited keywords to your lists

Most SEO tools impose limits on how many keywords you can track. We're not fans of limits, so we did away with them.

Save unlimited keywords for rank tracking and analysis in Centori.

Advanced filters to find targeted keywords

Centori's advanced keyword filters allow you to fine-tune the keyword suggestions you receive.

Filter by search volume, difficulty, or even a key phrase to find the right keywords for your strategy.

Centori is more than a keyword research tool...

You're not just getting an SEO tool with Centori, you're going to be empowered to build and manage a winning SEO strategy that gets you in front of your customers and ahead of your competitors.

When you are onboarded you'll be trained on our proven framework to build an SEO strategy and be set up for success on our software. Then, whether you are getting help from our private SEO community or one:one with our SEO coaches, you will not be doing SEO alone.

So say goodbye to the days of trying to figure it out on your own. We're here to offer a helping hand to reach your goals.

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