Tailoring Content To Your Target Audience

Tyler Scionti

  | Published on  

September 29, 2023

For marketers it is easy to become obsessed with the numbers, while ignoring what really matters: quality engagement. While growing numbers of likes, clicks or followers can undoubtedly boost a brand’s following base, it also can distract marketers from tailoring their content to their ideal customers. When it comes to valuable engagement from consumers, it’s important to focus on quality, not quantity. If you find your brand struggling to hold onto a target audience, we’ve got you covered. We’ve narrowed down the most effective ways to tailor your content to increase your target audience engagement.

Identify Your Ideal Audience

Content marketing success starts with developing an ideal target audience. This process takes patience and time - don’t wait for them to find you! Thorough research before creating content, running ads or writing blogs will all better equip your brand to serve your customers in the most effective way possible. While broad, general content may appeal to a wider variety of consumers, it lacks the ability to generate a loyal following base, which is crucial to a brands’ success. Defining a specific audience helps to create the right content for your brand. Start basic with general demographics. Consider gender, location, age, income, occupation etc. A smart tip is to visualize your target audience as you generate content. How will your product or service will fit into their lifestyle? How will they benefit? What features are most appealing to your audience? Evaluating the goals and needs of your target audiences will help create deeper and richer content that will most effectively customize your messaging to their liking. It is important to consider that defining a target profile is less about excluding other audiences, but rather ensuring that your content is focused on those that will help make your brand as successful as possible.

Get to Know Where Your Audience Is

How do you know if you should focus more on creating a more engaging Twitter feed or Instagram feed? This is an important question to consider. For marketers, not all platforms are created equal, especially when it comes to customizing your content to a specific audience. For anyone planning social media engagement strategies, it is crucial to find the platform that will have the most direct impact on your consumers. Finding where your target audience is and how they communicate is the first major step in improving your brands’ content, while also informing your company on how it should allocate its resources in order to reap the maximum possible benefit. Don't forget that the various social media platforms appeal to people of different demographics too!

Engage with Your Audience

Personalizing your audience’s experience is one of the most important ways to secure customer loyalty. While levels of personalization fluctuate depending on your brand, the size of your company and your audience, it is crucial to make everyone audience member feel valued. Whether it be learning the names of some of your most loyal followers, replying to tweets or even just listening to audience feedback, engaging with your audience is a wonderful way to build a stronger sense of reciprocal loyalty between your brand and those that keep it afloat.

Learn From Your Competition

Sometimes the best way to learn what you may be doing wrong is to look at what others are doing right. Create smarter content by evaluating that of your competitors. Visit other brands’ pages and gauge what content sparks the most engagement - and the least. Is it a certain image or keyword that get the most likes or comments? You can learn a lot from your competition, allowing you to fill the gaps where your own marketing may fall short. On the other hand, you can also become aware of what to avoid. The knowledge you can acquire from others is an easy way to help you tackle your own strategies from a more comprehensive angle.


Developing a strong, loyal audience takes time. In our current virtual climate, with everything else being just one click away, it is easy to lose interest. However, by clearly identifying your target audiences and curating content that tailors to their needs, your brand will effectively be able to more readily capture the attention of those that will keep coming back.

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