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We talka lot about branding and marketing strategy.But what the hell does it all really mean? I mean, seriously as a marketer what do I do? Create content? Shout from buildings? Pray that I'm generating enough leads for sales?Marketing is so much more than just 'blogging' and branding is such a subjective and complex term. To be perfectly honest I really hate how both terms are used because they don'thave to be that way.So I got to thinking: what if I just wrote up a branding playbook, a blueprint that anyone could use? We revisit our playbook every quarter to see how we're progressing, what is working for us, and what we want to change going forward.If you don't know where you're going and who you're marketing to you'll never see the results you want. So rather than keep our tactics secret we're revealing them for you and your team. I've taken our typical playbook and stripped out my content, left the bare bones skeleton for you to follow and learn from.Fill out our form here to download it (we promise we won't spam you with emails, you're not automatically subscribed to 8 blogs with a bunch of hoops to jump through to never hear from us again).[activecampaign form=9]I hope this serves you well going forward. Marketing and branding can be hard, but with proper planning and a push in the right direction, things don't have to be so frightening. For more helpful tips and suggestions check out our blog on marketing/blogging best practices to keep you plugging along!

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