Cost-Effective Marketing Plays

Expensive marketing campaigns work for businesses with large budgets. However, for most small businesses, budgeting your money effectively matters. Sometimes marketers even question where the budget for content marketing will come from or why it is so expensive.

If you are a small business looking to market your content effectively, it is important to consider simple ways to spread your message without forfeiting a large portion of your budget.

Check out the following tips if you are looking to market your content on a small budget or looking for marketing plays that cost next to nothing.

Start a blog

This suggestion may sound obvious but it nevertheless should be said. When marketing your company, prioritize exposure by promoting your business through a blog. Based on your unique circumstances, you may elect not to call it a blog either. Establishing a page where customers can find information on your website is essential to communicate your story and how you can address someone’s problem.

You can host a blog on the same domain as your main website. For example, you can use the format: In order to add content to your blog, you can use WordPress since it is one of the easiest content marketing system for blogging.

In addition to posting your blog on your site, think about leveraging Medium or LinkedIn to expand your blog’s reach even further. Engaging with others in your field is a cost-effective way of growing your customer base.

Use Free Images and Graphic Design Software

While utilizing and leveraging social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, think about the value of using free images and graphic design software.

Free images can be found on Google Images by tailoring your search options to “labeled for reuse.” In addition, Wikimedia Commons is also a good place to find images in the public domain. These images can capture a reader’s attention and make them click on or otherwise interact with your social media post.

Blog Trackr has also emphasized using Canva to create posters, social media posts and other graphics that can be printed and created relatively cheaply so that you can expand your reach online and in person.

Creating videos

Video creation often sounds daunting but the most important factor to consider is that videos often generate the most engagement.  Anyone with an iPhone can download the iMovie app which is one of the most user-friendly platforms to creating video.

While videos take the most time and effort, they are cost-effective when done correctly. Videos engage your audience visually and increase your brand’s visibility.

Other Cost-Effective Strategies

If you are looking for even more cost-effective content marketing strategies, consider building an email list on your website to improve connection with prospective customers.

Other cost-effective strategies include face-to-face networking or developing a strategy across social media to engage your customers through techniques like Facebook Events or videos on Instagram.

Going forward

You may be surprised at how many cost-effective techniques are out there for your blog or business. Consider using some of these strategies and share your own ideas on what you have found effective.  

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