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"The simplicity of Centori, coupled with their super responsive support, are keys to cutting through the complexities of managing and measuring our efforts in helping our clients compete. Our team refers to Centori as our in-house SEO guru!"

Andrew Langlois, Director, Bizhelm

"Centori accelerated our ability to actually clean up SEO-based errors and improve our rankings. The educational components of the platform helped us identify revenue opportunities which really opened some doors. It's a fantastic tool."

Victor Machado, Founder PW DIgital Agency

Why work with an SEO coach?

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"Blog and pray" isn't working

Tired of blogging but not having any traffic to show for it>

"Blog and pray" is not a strategy.

What you need is a unique approach to SEO that serves your customers, answers their questions, and builds up your business.

Our SEO coaches can help.

You tried an SEO tool, but it’s overwhelming and you’re not getting results

How many free trials of SEO tools have you signed up for?

They all start to blend in together, don't they?

Fancy SEO tools are nice, but they aren’t a replacement for creative thinking. The real differentiator between you and your competitors is not your software, it’s your strategy.

Our SEO coaches can guide you to build an effective strategy faster than any tool's youtube tutorial can.

You got a website audit and have no idea where to go next

Most website audits just collect dust on the shelf.

40+ pages of recommendations and a random collection of keywords.Sure they’re nice to look at, but a website audit alone isn't going to push you ahead of your competitors on Google.

What do you do next after the website audit? A coach can help you answer that question.

How Centori SEO coaching works

Zoom sessions

We meet as often as you need over Zoom to work out the right SEO strategy that will transform your business.

Real-time collaboration

We’ll also support you between coaching sessions. You’ll get a personalized client home built in Notion where we can collaborate between sessions.

Personalized progress reports

We provide you with a personalized report to track your progress and stay on track to reach your goals.

Content writing

Need help writing content? We have a curated list of content partners ready to make your strategy a reality.

Sounds interesting, but I'm not sure yet

We get it, coaching can be a commitment. Let’s keep in touch! We send free SEO tips and resources regularly to our subscribers.

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Our customers love us

I received incredible value from Tyler on SEO, content creation, content distribution, analytics, blogging, keyword selection, subject selection, etc. 10/10 would recommend for anyone trying to kickstart their SEO efforts. He's legit!

Victor Vatus

CEO, Trombone

Tyler is great at explaining concepts and the resources provided helped me feel confident with my SEO knowledge moving forward — I would definitely recommend working with him!

Jessica Morrison

CEO, Seaside Digital Design

I'm doing all sorts of thinking now on SEO that I never considered before when all I focused on was the tactics. I'm finally getting excited about SEO again!

Anita Toth

CEO, Anita Toth

Centori accelerated our ability to actually clean up SEO-based errors and improve our rankings. The educational components of the platform helped us identify revenue opportunities which really opened some doors.

Victor Machado

CEO, PW Digital Agency

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