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We’ve been working with for some time now in collaboration with Tailord Design and, despite being in a crowded space (Dr. Scholls, anyone?) and competing with giants like Amazon and Walmart, their SEO campaigns have been incredibly effective at outsmarting their competitors and getting in front of their customers.

All without building links, or even doing much in the way of blogging!

It all starts with the strategy

In every content decision makes, we leverage the same framework that we teach every customer in onboarding and in our group training programs.

SEO strategy is nothing more than making 4 choices: 

  1. What is your winning aspiration?
  2. Who are your best customers and what questions are they asking?
  3. What unique content resource will you create for them?
  4. How will you measure your effectiveness?

SEO is a zero sum game.

If you want to get to page one, someone needs to be bumped down to page two. 

In order to win on Google, had to make tough choices and intentional decisions to build their strategy. 

The best strategies start with a rock-solid understanding of the customer and their needs. We worked with to launch a survey to their customers to better understand how and why they buy insoles. This led to transformative ways to think about their content and website.

Think of your website like a product

From our research, both the survey and keyword research, we found that people primarily purchase insoles for two reasons:

  • Pain relief
  • For a specific activity

Rather than focus on building a big list of keywords and blogging about each one — a strategy that doesn’t work in 2022 — we recommended that engineer their website around these two motivating factors. 

Chances are, if their customers are buying insoles for these reasons then people are going to Google for the same thing. 

The beauty of this approach is that by segmenting out their content (“insoles for {activity}” and “insoles for {condition}”) we are able to zero in on the different categories of pages and keywords that performs best for, and spot our best opportunities for improvement.

This practice of keyword indexing gives a leg up on the competition by creating a hyper-focused keyword and growth strategy and allows them to track their performance and improvement with ease.


By engineering the site around the key motivators for their customers to purchase insoles, has consistently ranked on the first two pages of Google for each of their categories as well as product names. 

They’ve also earned numerous featured snippets, and continue to increase both their organic traffic and revenue. 

Strategic thinking, creativity, and integrity: that’s how we do SEO at Centori

Obsessing over keywords or backlinks may have worked in 2005, or even 2015, but in 2022 you need to be more creative. 

That’s why we onboard every customer to build a unique SEO strategy and show them how to think creatively about SEO in a way that will outsmart their competitors and get real results for their business. 

At the end of the day, SEO is about two things:

  1. Create awesome content that answers questions.
  2. Make sure Google sees it.

We’ve helped position their website as a unique resource for their audience and they took care of the rest. We couldn’t be happier for the results they got and look forward to seeing their growth in 2022!

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