How Narakeet grew traffic 1000% in 3 months without writing a single blog post or building links


Increase in traffic


Search impressions increase


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Narakeet was on track for SEO dominance in June 2021 thanks to relatively low competition in their space. Suddenly, new competitors appeared on the scene and Narakeet began to fall behind.

After months of trying out popular SEO tools and paying for consultants to perform the same audit over and over again, they knew they needed a change. 

The tools weren’t helping, the audit results didn’t make a difference, and Narakeet was running out of time. 

At this point, they found Centori, and not a moment too soon.

Narakeet is a text to speech video maker that specializes in turning slideshows (such as powerpoint) and markdown into videos with audio. They’re in an excellent niche, but it’s growing more crowded as competitors swoop in and threaten their market share.

Narakeet brought us in to rebuild their web presence and put them back on the map. In just three months - without writing a single blog post or building even one link - they exceeded their traffic goals and increased user activity 30x.

It all starts with the strategy

We started by taking Narakeet through our signature SEO strategy framework, which we teach every customer in onboarding and in our group training programs. 

Building an SEO strategy is nothing more than making 4 choices: 

  1. What is your winning aspiration?
  2. Who are your best customers and what questions are they asking?
  3. What unique content resource will you create for them?
  4. How will you measure your effectiveness?

SEO is a zero sum game.

If you want to get to page one, someone needs to be bumped down to page two. In order to win on Google, Narakeet had to make tough choices and intentional decisions to build their strategy.

During their onboarding process, we worked with Narakeet to build a strategy that uniquely serves their customers. More importantly, we shifted their approach to SEO away from, “build a big list of keywords, blog about each one, pray Google notices” iinto “treat our website like a product on Google that we can optimize.”

How Narakeet started to think of their website like a product

The old way of doing SEO, which is to build a list of 1,000 keywords and blog about each one, doesn’t work any more. 

Many of our clients have experienced that firsthand. 

Our approach to SEO helped Narakeet think about their site differently. Rather than a collection of pages and blog posts they churned out hoping they might rank, Narakeet started to think about their website like they would a product. 

Their website went from a static brochure to a website engineered to answer the questions their audience is asking on Google, and add value. 

Narakeet’s best chance was to leverage the fact that their text to speech software supports 50+ languages and accents. 

So, we took their greatest strength as a product and turned it into their greatest strength as a website: build a landing page strategy around each language and accent, and let Google do the rest.

The beauty of this strategy lies in its simplicity. 

This did not require hundreds of 1000-word blog posts, merely a collection of pages that answered one essential question no one was answering: I need text to speech software for {language}.

Take a look at this page for a british accent generator, since December 12 it has gotten 1400+ visits from Google. 

While a traditional SEO tool would show these keywords were low or no volume, we showed Narakeet that the power of SEO lies in answering questions at scale, not going after keywords. 

Thanks to Narakeet’s strategy they are now a leader in answering the question “I need text to speech software for {language}” and their efforts in creating these pages is paying off.


In just three months, Narakeet’s growth exploded as they increased clicks from search by 1000%.

Purple is search impressions, blue is clicks from search.

And their usage skyrocketed as well. The chart below shows user interactions in the product by day. The blue line represents users interacting with the video creation features of the product and the orange line represents users interacting with Narakeet’s text to speech features. This growth is a direct result of the page strategy that Narakeet implemented.

Blue represents users creating videos, orange represents users creating text to speech files

What’s more, this was a 137% increase in traffic over their previous peak back in June. Not to mention that Narakeet usually sees a slow down around the holiday season, this makes us all the more excited for where they will go in 2022.

Before working with Tyler from Centori, I hired two different groups of SEO consultants. Looking back, the other people provided us with generic advice, cheaply  produced using automated analysis tools. We wasted months of valuable time running in circles with no results. I'd have had more luck trusting the zodiac signs to get more traffic.

Tyler invested time to understand our product, gave us valuable guidance and support so we could figure out why the competition was eating our lunch and what to do about it. We achieved a lot more than I expected in a very short period, with a clear growth trend that looks very promising.

The Centori approach is very similar to good product management practices that we use in our daily work, so it was a welcome change from anecdotal witchcraft that we were getting from other consultants. It took us only 2-3 weeks to paint the big picture and draw a list of concrete steps, and then another two months to implement the changes, and we reversed a six-month long gloomy decline into a sharp optimistic surge in traffic.

Gojko, CEO Narakeet

Strategic thinking, creativity, and integrity: that’s how we do SEO at Centori

Obsessing over keywords or backlinks may have worked in 2005, or even 2015, but in 2022 you need to be more creative. 

That’s why we onboard every customer to build a unique SEO strategy and show them how to think creatively about SEO in a way that will outsmart their competitors and get real results for their business. 

At the end of the day, SEO is about two things:

  1. Create awesome content that answers questions.
  2. Make sure Google sees it.

We showed Narakeet how to position their website as a unique resource for their audience and they took care of the rest. We couldn’t be happier for the results they got and look forward to seeing their growth in 2022!

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