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Academy of Mine came to us in 2021 with a clear goal in mind: rank in the Learning Management System space. 

For those unfamiliar with this corner of the SaaS world, it’s competitive. 

You’ve got goliaths like Teachable, Thinkific, and Kajabi for starters and dozens of more to boot, all gutting it out for the top 10 search results on Google. 

Academy of Mine is no slouch, they’ve got a great platform and an excellent team but they realized ranking in their space is no walk in the park.

After a year of implementing a multi-pronged SEO strategy, Academy of Mine saw some pretty stellar results that catapulted them to the top of Google in their space and for some pretty competitive terms to boot!

It all starts with a strategy

In every content decision Academy of Mine makes, we leverage the same framework that we teach every customer in onboarding and in our group training programs.

SEO strategy is nothing more than making 5 choices: 

  1. What is your SMART goal?
  2. Who are you targeting?
  3. What questions are your target customers asking?
  4. What unique content resource will you create for them?’
  5. How will you measure your effectiveness?

SEO is a zero sum game.

If you want to get to page one, someone needs to be bumped down to page two. 

In order to win on Google, Academy of Mine had to make tough choices and intentional decisions to build their strategy. 

How to be a leader in the LMS space

Academy of Mine is in a competitive space. 

It seems that the pandemic accelerated a trend for businesses of all sizes to offer online courses or training, whether it’s to their employees or customers. 

This trend was seen in solopreneurs trying to sell courses to start a business all the way up to large enterprises trying to take their training process into the 2020s. 

Academy of Mine had a modest marketing team and was at risk of watching these trends pass them by. How do you fight a giant goliath when you’re able to publish a few times a month?

The answer is a creative and unique strategy.

Academy of Mine set out to become a leader in the LMS space. Through our onboarding program and the months following we worked with them to build a multi-pronged SEO strategy that follows their ideal customer down the funnel from those who have not yet heard of an LMS all the way to those evaluating the right LMS for them.

Through a mixture of blog posts, pillar pages, and category landing pages Academy of Mine invested a ton of time into LMS-related content which you’ll see in the next section netted some pretty big results. 


Academy of Mine’s aggregate traffic was pretty solid when they came to us: they were getting 400K+ search impressions per month along with nearly 3k clicks. 

After a year their aggregate performance improved decently: they saw a nice 15% bump in clicks from search and a 50% increase in impressions. For publishing a blog post around once per week this is decent progress in a year.

But we don’t settle for “decently impressive” at Centori, and aggregate performance was not the goal. The goal was to rank for competitive terms, specifically those containing ‘lms’. Here we see some pretty dramatic increases within a year:

Academy of Mine saw a 281% increase on clicks for lms-related terms, and 110% increases in search impressions. You can see the full trend line below:

Not to mention numerous first-page rankings and featured snippets to boot.

Working with Centori has been a dream come true. Their platform is constantly getting updated, and the coaching is extremely useful, especially when you’re first starting out in the SEO space. Thanks to Centori, we have significantly improved our organic traffic. As a result, we are seeing more quality leads from Google.

Tyler is an expert at SEO, and he’s great at teaching it. There’s plenty of false information about SEO online – much of it is extremely confusing and will lead you down the wrong path for growing your business. I recommend other businesses invest in Centori like we did, because the results will speak for themselves!

Jonathan Reed

Strategic thinking, creativity and integrity. That’s how Centori does SEO

Obsessing over keywords or backlinks may have worked in 2005, or even 2015, but in 2022 you need to be more creative. 

That’s why we onboard every customer to build a unique SEO strategy and show them how to think creatively about SEO in a way that will outsmart their competitors and get real results for their business. 

At the end of the day, SEO is about two things:

  1. Create awesome content that answers questions.
  2. Make sure Google sees it.

We’ve helped position their website as a unique resource for their audience and they took care of the rest. We couldn’t be happier for the results they got and look forward to seeing their growth in 2022!

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