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Is technical SEO really this easy? It's our little secret

Centori runs in the background scanning your website every week to spot areas for improvement and sends emails with each report showing you what to fix so you can optimize your website and improve your rank.

Identify errors and fix them with ease

Centori checks for common technical SEO errors as well as when Google is not indexing your content to keep you updated on how your website is doing and provides targeted recommendations on how to improve it.

Get notified of fixes you need to make

Centori scans your website every week to keep you updated with warnings and recommendations to ensure your website is in the best position possible to rank on Google.

Centori is more than a technical SEO tool...

You're not just getting an SEO tool with Centori, you're going to be empowered to build and manage a winning SEO strategy that gets you in front of your customers and ahead of your competitors.

When you are onboarded you'll be trained on our proven framework to build an SEO strategy and be set up for success on our software. Then, whether you are getting help from our private SEO community or one:one with our SEO coaches, you will not be doing SEO alone.

So say goodbye to the days of trying to figure it out on your own. We're here to offer a helping hand to reach your goals.

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