We believe anyone can learn SEO and get more traffic

We believe in you. SEO may be difficult, but we’ve dedicated our lives to teaching SEO and showing marketers and founders how to get results.

Our story

Our CEO and founder, Tyler Scionti, first developed an interest in marketing, SEO, and teaching in college. He worked firsthand with writers as a TA through school and found his true passion in helping people grow.

It wasn’t until a while after college - having worked in product development at HubSpot, that Tyler launched his passion into a business: Centori.

At it’s core Centori is about teaching marketers and founders how to do SEO and grow their businesses. What’s ‘Centori’? Named for the constellation Alpha Centauri which depicts Chiron the centaur who trained the Greek heroes, we like to think we’re training heroes ourselves.

Our values

Be your own customer

Every client of ours starts off with a custom SEO strategy personalized just for them.

Radical transparency

Work one on one with an SEO expert to guide you through each step of your SEO growth plan

Build things that last

We’re constantly creating video content, case studies, templates and more for your team to leverage

Foster community

We built a platform designed to make SEO and content creation dead-simple for your team.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to take our years of experience and empower marketers and founders to grow their businesses with SEO.

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