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Our story

Centori is all about teaching marketers and founders how to do SEO successfully to grow their business and reach their goals.

So what is ‘Centori’?

Named for the constellation Alpha Centauri which depicts Chiron the centaur who trained the Greek heroes, we like to think we’re training heroes ourselves.

We believe in honest SEO advice.

No jargon, no mumbo jumbo, and no snake oil. Just a proven framework and real results for your business.

Our values


SEO is full of BS these days, isn't it?

If you ask us, we're tired of it. You won't find jargon, mumbo jumbo, or silver bullets here. We believe in straight, honest SEO.

Foster community

SEO is hard enough, why go it alone?

We believe that learning is so much more effective when we do it together. That's why we're on a mission to build the most active SEO community in the world!


We don't just educate, we empower.

We believe you have what it takes to succeed at SEO, and we'll show you that you can.

Radical empathy

We've all been in your shoes.

It's not just about SEO. This is your business and lifeblood that we're building together. We're here for you, no matter what and every step of the way.

No cookie cutters

You won't find generic or tired SEO advice here.

We'll work with you to build a truly unique SEO strategy that grows your business.

We're on a mission to fix SEO

SEO works, but the way most people approach it doesn’t.

SEO tools all provide the same data and lead you to create a two-dimensional SEO strategy. This results in a lot of content written “for SEO” that doesn’t do much in terms of results.

What people really need is strategy. Strategy is the one thing that can differentiate you from your competitors and that’s why we’re committed to helping businesses of any size or stage build a unique and effective strategy suited to their goals.

Meet your coach

Hey there, I’m Tyler!

I founded Centori in 2018 to help marketers and founders demystify SEO.

I first dabbled in SEO with a sports site in college, and branched out to help companies in a variety of industries ranging from finance to e-commerce.

I have 5+ years of experience at HubSpot where I learned the fundamentals of inbound marketing, web design, and how to think strategically.

Click the button below to book a call with me so we can discuss your goals and how I can help.

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