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The ultimate SEO checklist

Put your SEO strategy in the best position possible to succeed with our ultimate SEO checklist. Most SEO checklists are generic to-do lists, and frankly we got tired of it. That's why we compiled our best tips and best practices for you.

Many SEO checklists I see are a list of vague to-dos. They include things like "do keyword research" and "get more backlinks".

Gee.... thanks I had no idea I needed to do that.

To-do lists are helpful, but they're often generic and impractical as a result. That's why I created a different kind of checklist.

You won't see things like "create skyscraper content" here. Instead this checklist outlines the same specific best practices and principles I've followed in the past and teach in our SEO training programs. The goal here is to set your website and SEO strategy up for success and put you in the best position possible to rank.

Here's what's included in our ultimate SEO checklist:

  • 60 principles and best practices to super-charge your growth
  • A breakdown by section for technical SEO, content optimization, local SEO and more
  • A list of tools and guides to accomplish each task
  • A breakdown by difficulty and SEO benefit for each task