Steal our content brief template to write content that ranks on Google

Stop writing content that ranks on page 4 of Google. This content brief template will help you plan, research, and write content that can make it to the first page of Google. We break down the exact process that we use with our own content and teach to our clients in this free content brief template.

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Tired of seeing your content on page 4?

If your content is struggling to make it past page 4 of Google, it's time for a change.

In order to rank you need to do more than write 300 words and use a focus keyword a few times. You need to think strategically about the keyword you are targeting, the questions your customer is asking, the stage of the buyer's journey your reader is in, and how it will stack up against what already ranks.

If you are stuck below page 4 of Google, you need this content brief template to break through to page 1.

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Why download this content brief template

The old ways of writing content for SEO do not work anymore.

It's not enough to pick a focus keyword and write 300, 500, or even 800 words. You need to think strategically about your content and be competitive with what is already ranking in search results. This content brief will give you the exact process we follow and teach to our clients to research, plan, and write content that ranks.

This is a process that has earned our clients featured snippets, page 1 rankings, and serious traffic from Google. There's no growth hacks or things that will not work in 6 months here. Just good advice to writing better content.

What's included in our content brief template

This content brief template will provide you with a Notion page that lists out:

  • 5 key areas to focus on when researching and planning content
  • Helpful guides and videos to walk you through the brief
  • A plan for researching and writing content that ranks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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