What's new at Centori

Explore top ranking competitors and keywords they rank for

If you want your content to rank, you need to beat the competition.

Simple in theory, but how do you d that?

Centori now makes beating your competition easy with our updated Content Explorer (formerly Content Ideas).

The new content explorer allows you to select a keyword from your lists to then load top ranking content for that keyword on Google.

That's a great start, as you can see what makes that top ranking content so special before you start drafting your own piece of content. To supercharge your workflow though we've added the ability to see other keywords that piece of content ranks for:

Clicking this brings you to our Keywords for URL tool pre-loaded with that competitor URL to show you the list of keywords they also rank for:

In a matter of seconds you can easily build up a bank of keywords to target that will propel your content to page one of search results.

Give your team a head start on ranking with our new content explorer and competitive insights today!