How to Remove a Property from Google Console [4 Step Guide]

Jonathan Pellerin

  | Published on  

March 5, 2024

Managing properties in Google Search Console can sometimes be tricky and confusing, especially if you’re new to the platform.

This article will clearly explain what properties are in Google Search Console, why they are important, and how to remove them. Let's dive into what properties are and how to remove them from a Google Search Console account.

What is a Property in Google Search Console

A property is defined as a term for a discrete thing that you can examine or manage in Google Search Console. 

Properties refer to the domains and URLs that you own, which include http, www, non-www, and m-dot versions of your website. In Google Search Console, there are two classifications of website properties:

  • URL-prefix properties
  •  Domain properties. 

URL-prefix properties only include the URL that you specify, not including other subdomains. URL-prefix properties are useful when you want to limit your data to a specific URL path segment. Domain properties include all subdomains (www, non-www, etc) and various protocols (http and https). Domain properties are useful when you want your property to match any protocol or subdomain. 

Properties are important because they are necessary for setting up your Google Search Console account. Google Search Console allows you to add all of your properties so that you can get website data from all of them in one report. Google Search Console also allows you to add subdomains, protocols, and paths as properties, which allows you to get even more detailed data from your website.   

How to Remove A Property in Google Search Console [4 Steps]

Now that we have taken a look at what properties are and why they are important, let’s look at the steps to remove a property from Google Search Console.

  1. Select the property you want to remove
  2. Head to the property settings
  3. Click “remove” property
  4. Confirm you want to remove the property

Step 1: Select the property to remove

First, log in to Google Search Console and go to the top left search box (search property), and select the property that you want to remove.  

Step 2: Head to property settings

After having selected the unwanted property, go to the bottom left of the screen and click on the settings button from the sidebar. 

Step 3: Click "Remove Property"

Then, after you’re on the property settings page, scroll to the bottom and click on the “remove property” button. 

Step 4: Confirm

After clicking the “remove property” button, a popup will appear asking you to confirm that you want to remove the property. Then, click “remove property” when the popup appears to complete the removal. 

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