Why Recycling Old Posts Can Improve Your Blog

Tyler Scionti

  | Published on  

September 29, 2023

If you have been writing blogs for a while now, chances are you have some favorites from the past. Perhaps you even created some of your best posts before you were able to generate many views. Or perhaps your best posts require digging as they may be buried beneath the hundreds that came after it. The solution? Recycle blog posts! Apart from simply republishing the same exact post, we are here to show you other smart and tactical ways to approach bringing these old posts back to the forefront.

Edit, Edit, Edit!

Looking back at old blog posts may make some of us cringe, especially if your writing style has dramatically improved. Although it may be tempting, you may want to think twice before you hit delete. While many bloggers have grown as writers over the years, the previous posts may not be up to par. However, the ideas are definitely worth preserving. Why not bring those oldies back to life? Using that previous post as a foundation, add depth, change the format or even change the headline. These edits will not only greatly improve the post itself, but also expose readers to this topic which they would never have otherwise.

Beat Writer’s Block: Get New Ideas

Writer’s block is a common obstacle many bloggers have difficulty overcoming. Why not rummage through your past posts to find inspiration? For example, if you wrote on “How to Find Your Target Audience” a new post could be on “How to Market to Your Target Audience.” Although these ideas are similar, each are effective and convey valuable information to your audience. Next time you are stumped, take a scroll through your older articles: you may be surprised what you can come up with.

Include Links

With every new post, try to incorporate relevant older posts whenever possible. Many topics are undoubtedly related and sometimes may seem repetitive. However, repetition is not always a negative if you are incorporating new ideas and information. A good tactic involves linking old blog posts to current ones. For example, if you are writing a post on a topic you blogged about earlier, but narrowing in on a specific aspect of that topic, it may be a good idea to link that old post. The new and the old in conjunction complement each other nicely and will give your readers a richer understanding of the topic.

Write a Response to a Previous Post

In our ever-changing world of technology, new information, devices or services are constantly improving. Information becomes quickly outdated and in some cases, proves to be incorrect. If you’re a veteran blogger, I can assure you there are times when older posts have carried a dearth of information or even misinformation. Instead of trashing the old stuff or writing entirely new content, a response makes it easy to link previous content to modern day information. Responding to an old post is a simple and effective way to bring a previous blog post to life. Simply summarize the previous post and add whatever updated information is relevant for the topic.Old blog posts may seem like a thing of the past (literally!), but they are extremely valuable. Think twice before you hit delete on those aged blog posts. Just because they may be years old, doesn’t mean they are garbage! Don’t let those golden posts go to waste. Using these tips will help your blog be far more effective, interesting and valuable.

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