How to set realistic and motivational marketing goals

With 2017 over and 2018 just starting it's time to shake off the holiday hangovers and get down to work. Undoubtedly, your business should be setting marketing goals for the New Year. We certainly hope your blog and content strategy will be a big part of hitting those goals.Generally, marketing requires extensive effort. Therefore, it is imperative to step back and analyze how you can best devote your time. You can dive in headfirst without a second thought, or you can be strategic and maximize your effort. I think you get the picture as to which strategy we like the most.Here are some tips for setting realistic and motivational marketing goals for 2018.

Make your goals specific

When you start mapping out your content and marketing strategy for 2018, make sure your goals are as specific as possible. For example, do not set vague goals such as “I want more website visitors and leads” or “I want a longer email subscription list.” Let's be honest, who doesn't want those?Without setting specific goals, you will have no idea whether you are reaching your fullest potential. Furthermore, you'll have no idea whether you succeeded or failed, or whether you reached your full potential.To correct the goals above, consider identifying exactly how many visitors, leads or email subscriptions you will seek in the New Year. When setting this number, establish a balance between being realistic and aspirational. You will want to consider whether your goals are attainable so as to not end the year disappointed while remaining ambitious as to how much your business can grow.In addition, think about your past efforts at achieving goals, whether your competition has sought similar things and if your numbers seem practical.Finally, when you set marketing goals, make sure you believe that they can be accomplished. Marketing your blog should be a serious endeavor and it should emerge from careful reflection and a strong passion for your blog.

Realistic and Motivational Marketing Goals

While generalizing for all blogs or businesses is difficult, there are some universal marketing goals that should be a part of your strategy. We all use similar KPIs (key performance indicators) after all, so at the risk of generalizing let's continue.For example, one goal could include building trust with your audience. Once your viewers see reliable and worthwhile content, they will know they can trust you and can spread awareness about your blog to others. A great way to track this could be blog subscribers or social engagement. You could set a quarterly goal to increase subscribers by 5%, or boost your social engagement rate across platforms.Another motivational marketing goal could be creating compelling content that leads to aconversation across social media platforms. Engaging content means new viewers for your blog or business.Finally, create a marketing goal centered on your readers. What problems do they face that cause them to view your website? How can you assist them in overcoming those obstacles? Knowing your target markets and buyer personas is a great way to cater content that they will want, but there are other steps you can take as well.Hosting a Q&A or an AMA on your website could allow your viewers to share these problems and provide you with a new direction for 2018. It also gives you direct access and some facetime with your prospects, showing you're not just a business you are a person after all.

Our Realistic Marketing Goals

Here at Blog Trackrwe have set our own marketing goals for 2018. Like you, we run a business as well and want to strike a balance between ambitious and realistic. Sharing these goals is meant to give you an idea of where to start when crafting your own. Obviously, your marketing goals will be vastly different from ours, but we wanted to give a little sneak peek anyway.First, let's take a look at our mission. Our goal as a company is to let our followers know that Blog Trackr is a group of people focused on helping bloggers grow and gain a leg up on the competition. Everything we do ties back to that: helping businesses grow, and making content marketing simple.Much of our marketing goals for 2018 are focused on growth across social media. We try to practice what we preach so we aim to lead the way when it comes to social strategy. Our goals for Q1 are as follows:

  • 150 Facebook followers
  • 1000 Twitter followers
  • 50 LinkedIn followers

While expanding across other platforms as well (we're experimenting with Instagram and Pinterest).Additionally, we want to increase our reader/user base by 25% quarter over quarter in 2018 to build up a solid and growing customer base.By showing the benefits of combining technology and writing, we hope that these goals are attainable and will lead more blogs to consider trying out Blog Trackras a platform to develop and build their brands.

Going Forward

Before ringing in the New Year with family and friends, make sure to take time this week to write out realistic and motivational marketing goals for 2018. Be bold, creative and realistic to start achieving your goals as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, 2018!

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