How To Maintain the Freshness of Your Website

Tyler Scionti

  | Published on  

September 29, 2023

Is yourmost recent post on your blog from years ago? Wondering why you aren’t gettingas much traffic on your website as you used to?

The key word to answer these questions is simple: freshness.

One of the most important factors of running a website is to ensure that the content is frequently updated. Keeping the content up to date on your website builds trust between you and your customers as customers assume that your website has updated and accurate content for what they are looking for. If you have old blog posts from years ago it can immediately result in a loss of trust from your client.

Updated or “fresh content” allows for more trust and thus more traffic to your website.

Createnew content regularly

If you add new content to your site on a regular basis and provide new information for visitors every time they click on your site, you will be making great strides to ensuring your website's freshness.

This will help to make them interested in your site and also attract new customers to it as well. Updating your content on a regular basis will keep your site fresh and current. Even writing monthly or weekly provides a . huge benefit to your site's freshness. Not only that, creating new content regularly has many benefits: driving traffic to your website, increasing social media engagement, increasing shares, increasing return visitors, improving your website’s search engine optimization, and overall giving off a good first impression to your consumers.

Incorporatelinks from fresh sites

It’s no secret that your website needs to have external links to other websites. Ideally, websites that have a high freshness score. Not all freshness signals are restricted to the page itself. Many external signals can also indicate freshness as well, oftentimes with powerful results. If a webpage sees an increase in its link growth rate, this could indicate a signal of relevance to search engines. Links from sites that have a high freshness score themselves can raise the freshness score of the sites they link to.


Engagement metrics are used to see what is engaging your users the most on your website by utilizing a composite engagement index. It is important to know the effectiveness of the posts or content on your website to ensure you are engaging your customers.

If you are consistently analyzing what content is bringing in the most traffic to your website, you can see what is attracting your customers and make more of that content. If you begin to create the content that you customers want, your website can gain popularity and traffic.

Mobilizeyour website

In the digital age we are in today it is essential to have your website accessible for mobile use. The use of mobile phones in accessing the internet are higher due to the invention of smart phones. People can now access the internet conveniently anywhere unlike before. As a blogger or any website owner, it is essential for you to optimize your website for mobile devices and tablets.

Mobilizing your website can also increase your search engine optimization because Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. Websites that are optimized for mobile devises rank better than those who don’t. Optimizing your website for mobile use also allows you to increase the traffic on your site because you can no reach more customers, faster. If you have increased search engine optimization and increased traffic, your website is going to more credible and successful.


The ultimate goal of keeping your website fresh and attracting customers should be to update your site in a timely manner that benefits users with an aim of increasing clicks, user engagement, and fresh links. These are the clearest signals you can pass to Google to show that your site is fresh and deserving of high rankings.

As said, blogging regularly is one of the best ways you can maintain the freshness of your website - not sure where to start though?

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