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Say ‘hey’ to an all new brand for Centori

As the saying goes, new year new me.

I’m extremely excited to announce a whole new brand for Centori as we kick off the year.

When I founded Centori in 2018 it was to make content marketing simpler for small teams. Last year we pivoted from just software to provide coaching and strategic guidance on top of our all-in-one SEO toolset.

Now we’re kicking off 2022 with a new brand and software design to complement our new mission and evolution over the years.

Don't worry, it's still the same "Centori", we've just got a new look.

I've been waiting a while for this announcement. I'll be the first to admit I am not a great designer.

SEO? I got you covered.

Web development? I know enough to be dangerous.

Design? I try, which is about all I can say for my efforts.

Last year I knew design was going to be a priority. Not just to feel good about how the website looks, but to feel good about our brand and the product we are giving to you. From our coaching to our software, everything needs to be connected, work smoothly, and look great.

Take a quick tour of the new Centori software platform with me in the video below:

Centori helps dozens of marketers and founders build elite SEO strategies to catapult them ahead of their competition on Google.

Centori focuses on the creative aspects of SEO rather than the technical, guiding marketers to optimize their site, chose the right keywords, and track their growth. Centori combines intuitive software with a private SEO coaching to help your whole team level up.

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