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Join monthly group coaching calls with our SEO experts to learn the secrets to building a highly effective SEO strategy.

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Build a strategy designed for explosive growth

"Centori's approach to SEO is comprehensive, accessible, and personalized. The classes are thoughtfully executed and contain plenty of actionable advice and opportunities for collaborative assessment. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of SEO or improve an existing SEO strategy."

— Rebecca Castellani Partner, Quiet Corner Comms

"With monthly calls, access to Centori in Slack, and a robust software program, we left the program with a market-ready SEO strategy. I really enjoyed collaborating with the other participants to learn from their experiences as entrepreneurs. If you're planning an SEO strategy to grow your business, I highly recommend this program!"

— Maureen Farmer, CEO Westgate Career Coaching

Tired of spinning your wheels with SEO?

If you’re tired of  wasting time with countless free trials of SEO tools or ineffective freelancers we have an answer for you: a winning strategy. Blog and pray doesn’t work anymore, but an effective strategy does. We developed a proven framework and a software platform designed to make SEO simple and scalable for your team.

Stop spinning and start winning at SEO

With Centori's group coaching included with every plan, you're not doing SEO on your own anymore. Instead you're backed by a community of marketers and founders learning SEO together, and supported by our SEO specialists who are dedicated to your success. Stop spinning your wheels trying to make SEO work, and start winning.

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We believe the SEO is the best way to turn your business into a money making machine

There’s a problem though: the way people have been teaching SEO doesn’t work anymore.

We believe the little guy can still rank on Google, if he has the right strategy. We know that spending time writing blog posts that don’t rank is frustrating, which is why we developed a proven framework for SEO software to make implementing your strategy simple.

Here’s how it works: schedule a call where we will discuss your goals, walk through our strategic framework, and watch your traffic grow on Centori. Stop spinning your wheels waiting for SEO to work and start getting in front of your customers and ahead of your competitors on Google. Book a free consultation to get started.

The Internet is full of outdated SEO advice

“You need to publish a new blog post every week”

Blogging is a great SEO tactic, but it is not the only tactic and may not even be the right one for you. Everyone is being told to blog — that's a great way to create a lot of generic content that does nothing for your business.

We'll show you how to identify real content opportunities that propel your business forward.

"Start by building a list of keywords and write a blog post for each one"

Traditional SEO advice says to build a list of 1000 keywords and remove the ones that do not have high enough search volumes. That is an excellent way to pull the exact same keywords your competitors are using and race to the bottom of Google search results.

We'll show you how to identify unique opportunities where you can stand out from your competition and get in front of your best customers.

"Asking for backlinks is the only way you can rank"

Links are important, but the common method of creating content and begging for links does not work — and it's a real pain.

We'll show you how to create unique and highly valuable content to become a link magnet that will help you surge to the top of search results.

Don't just take our word for it —
Hear what others are saying about our program

"Centori really helped me get a good grasp of how to approach SEO as a small business owner. It's a great primer on how to effectively harness search engine optimization to reach potential customers and provide them with the content they are looking for (with the terms they would use to do so!).

Tyler was great at explaining concepts and the resources provided helped me feel confident with my SEO knowledge moving forward — I would definitely recommend it!"

— Jessica Morrison Founder, Seaside Digital Design

"Tyler was amazing to work with and opened my eyes to new ways to approach keyword research and SEO.

I'm doing all sorts of thinking now on SEO that I never considered before when I all I focused on was the tactics. I'm finally getting excited about SEO again!"

— Anita Toth, Founder Anita Toth

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