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So what's our secret? 
We play to win.

You are either playing to win or you are playing to participate.

SEO is a zero sum game. If you want to get to page one on Google, someone needs to be bumped down to page two. Making it to page one can be transformative for your business. It means being seen every time your customers are looking for a solution, but it's hard.

Getting to page one requires strategy.

Strategy is not complex, but it is difficult. Strategy requires creative thinking. It requires making decisions designed to win.

Most SEO guides are a list of tactics: do keyword research, write blog posts - you know the drill. Those things are important but they are not strategy.

We've built a proven system designed for explosive organic growth through strategy, and we've broken it down into 4 principles.

  1. Define what winning means for your business.
  2. Identify the opportunities to win.
  3. Determine how you will win.
  4. Measure what matters to make sure you've won.

That's it.

4 principles to building a highly effective SEO strategy that will transform your business, outrank your competition, and reach your best customers.

The Internet is full of outdated SEO advice

“You need to publish a new blog post every week”

Blogging is a great SEO tactic, but it is not the only tactic and may not even be the right tactic for you. Everyone is being told to blog - that is a great way to create a lot of generic content that does nothing for your business.

We'll show you how to identify real content opportunities that propel your business forward.

"Start by building a list of keywords and write a blog post for each one"

Traditional SEO advice says to build a list of 1000 keywords and remove the ones that do not have high enough search volumes. That is an excellent way to pull the exact same keywords your competitors are using and race to the bottom of Google search results.

We'll show you how to identify unique opportunities where you can stand out from your competition and get in front of your best customers.

"Asking for backlinks is the only way you will rank"

Links are important, but the traditional way of creating content and begging for links does not work - and it's a real pain.

We'll show you how to create unique and highly valuable content to become a link magnet that will help you surge to the top of search results.

Meet your instructor

Tyler Scionti is the founder of Centori and has 3+ years of hands-on SEO experience managing SEO campaigns for e-commerce shops, affiliate websites, consulting firms, and more.

Prior to founding Centori, Tyler worked at HubSpot as a product manager for 5+ years where he excelled at building strategies to help shape HubSpot as a marketing SaaS leader.

Tyler is passionate about SEO, helping small businesses and startups win, and the hit movie Jurassic Park.

Week 1: What does it mean for you to 'win'?
9/17/21 10am-11am EST

An effective SEO strategy starts with a winning aspiration.

If you are not playing to win then you are playing to participate. SEO is a zero sum game; for you to win someone else needs to lose. We'll show you how winning aspirations are made and guide you to form one for your business that sets you up for success.

You will leave this session with:

  • Knowing what it means for you to win
  • A winning aspiration for your business
  • Understanding the metrics that SEO can move for your business
  • Clear buyer personas
  • SMART goals for your business

Week 2: How to identify the keywords that help you to win
9/24/21 10am-11am EST

The keywords you target can either set you up for success or doom you to failure.

If you are targeting keywords that do not advance your business goals, or you have no chance of ranking for, then SEO will be a long, uphill battle.

Choosing your keywords wisely though can set you up for success and transform your business. We'll show you how to effectively brainstorm a keywords strategy and choose keywords that help you win.

You will leave this session with:

  • Clear topics to build your content strategy
  • A proven framework for finding valuable keywords that help you win
  • Targeted keyword lists suited for your personas and goals

Week 3: How to create content that wins in search results
10/1/21 10am-11am EST

Blogging is not a strategy, and it won't always work for your business.


We love blogging, but blogging alone is not always the answer.

The answer is a unique approach to content - whatever form that may be - to provide an asset that serves your ideal customers and sets you apart from your competitors. The answer is a blue ocean content strategy where you can stand out from your competition and beat them in search.

You will leave this session with:

  • A blueprint for creating successful content that ranks out of the gate
  • A foundation for building a blue ocean content strategy that helps you win
  • Examples of successful blue ocean content strategies designed to win

Week 4: How to effectively measure growth
10/8/21 10am-11am EST

If you aren't measuring your progress, then all your hard work is for naught. Learn the tools of the trade to measure your progress and spot your biggest opportunities for growth.

We'll walk you through the essential analytics tools every SEO needs and how to translate your metrics into ROI.

You will leave this session with:

  • An overview of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and how to track your success and the ROI fo your SEO strategy
  • The core SEO metrics you need to be tracking in order to prove the worth of your efforts
  • A clear understanding of how to leverage Google Search Console to improve your search performance

Access to our proprietary software that makes SEO simple

We built our dream SEO tool to make SEO dead simple for our clients, and you'll get full access during the program. Audit your website for SEO errors and identify keyword opportunities and organize them for your team. We integrate with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to bring all your data into one place in our simple, elegant dashboard reports. Build and manage your strategy with Centori.

Simple, step-by-step guidance:
Weekly assignments, worksheets, and eBooks

Every week you will receive assignments to guide you in building your strategy, along with helpful worksheets and guides.

Collaborate in our private Slack group with the other participants and grow together!

Don't just take our word for it -
Hear what others are saying about our program:

"We had the pleasure of participating in Centori's Built to Win program. With weekly calls, access to Tyler in Slack between calls, and a robust software program to help generate keywords, we left the program with a market-ready SEO strategy which we're excited to launch this month. I also really enjoyed collaborating with the other participants to learn from their experiences as entrepreneurs.

If you're planning an SEO strategy to grow your business, I highly recommend this program!"

-Maureen Farmer, Westgate Career Coaching

"I'm doing all sorts of thinking now on SEO that I never considered before when I all I focused on was the tactics. I'm finally getting excited about SEO again!"

-Anita Toth, Anita Toth Consulting

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We'll walk you through our 4 principles to building an effective SEO strategy so that you can leave with a plan to outsmart your competitors and get in front of your best customers.

You will get:
4 live, hour-long group sessions
A private Slack group
Access to our proprietary software
Weekly assignments
eBooks, worksheets, and more

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