How to build a content strategy

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If there's one thing we know it's that content is difficult. You're managing a team and growing a business which can be hard enough, now there's this whole thing about a content strategy to worry about? Trust us, we struggle with the same thing which is why I'm going to break down how the team here at Blog Trackr crafts and delivers a content strategy for our marketing efforts.

We'll break down our approach, share a few tips, and give some insight into the inner workings of our content engine. So let's get to it!

Know your story

What story are you trying to tell with your blog?

We get that you're a business and you're in business to make money. But your blog isn't a catalogue of your products. It's a way to generate upfront value and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

For instance, on our blog we rarely mention the Blog Trackr product (whoops, just did). Instead we blog about happenings in the content industry. Tips on growing a small business. Ways to generate leads... the list goes on and on.

One of our clients, M3 Wealth Advisors blogs about finance and savings tips, primarily geared towards breaking down industry news and financial concepts. All the while positioning themselves as a thought leader in personal savings and financial planning.

Map it out

Have you ever written a novel?

No? Me neither, how about an essay though? Unless it's your senior year of college you probably never just wrote a single draft without prior planning (or maybe you did, I always cared too much and planned everything out no matter what). No, instead you probably wrote up an outline mapping out your thesis, paragraphs, maybe even quotes and bullets on what you wanted to cover.

Your blog should be no different.

With Blog Trackr we map out every post for each quarter. It allows us to commit to having content for a three-month period while having the flexibility of not having a strict schedule six months out. For all we know something could happen or change that we need to cover so we like having that affordance.

Stick to it, but be flexible

Jumping off that previous point, if you have a plan stick to it. Going in haphazardly is not a good way to kick off a quarter, and neither is switching things up in the middle of the journey.

What's that saying, never change a horse midstream?

We emphasize that you should be flexible, if something big happens in your industry you had better make sure your team has the bandwidth to get on top of it. But don't switch up the plan just because you had a really great idea for a blog post that breaks the mold from your current content schedule.

Your next steps

Try mapping out your content schedule - whether you just do it for August or for Q3 through Q4 give mapping out your content a try and see what you can do in telling your story. Your customers and prospects want to get to know your brand better, so plan your content ahead to draw them in and keep them coming back for more.

Not sure where to start when it comes to planning? There are a variety of free tools from Google Docs or Trello.

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