How to find topics to blog about

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Blogging is a classic example of content marketing, and for good reason. Having a blog on your website just may be one of the best ways to market to your prospects.

It's true, blogging  helps you position yourself as a thought leader, gives you content to share to prospects and leads, and gives your website more indexable content to appear on Google. Those are some pretty big benefits, especially to a small business trying to compete.

Though most folks who start blogging end up giving up after not seeing the results they expect or need. There's not always a clear business benefit provided from having a blog, though that's not really the case. There isn't a clear business benefit from having a poorly managed blog, a well-managed blog is your best friend.

There's a lot to managing a blog though, for now let's focus on one of the bigger aspects: what to blog about.

What do I blog about?

Blogging for a business isn't just about picking a topic and running with it until you hit 800 words. Neither is it about stuffing a keyword into every other sentence in hopes Google will know you are writing about that exact topic. Every piece of content you create needs to fit into a larger story and theme for your website. This is part of your brand. This can get complex though, so let's break it down.

It all starts with the topics you want to be known for. What core ideas are essential to your business? What topics do your customers and prospects care about that you want to be sought after for advice? This is a fun mental exercise, but it sounds a bit intimidating - especially if you don't have time (let's face it, when running a business who of us has much time?).

Fortunately your Centori account does most of the heavy lifting for you.

Where Centori helps

When we crawl your website we identify key topics based off the text you already have. Whether you've just set up your website or have a series of blog posts already, we're able to pick of key words essential to your industry. In the SEO section of the app you can manage these topics, deleting some and adding custom ones of your own.

Here's an example from our own team account:

We want to position ourselves as leaders for these various topics - ranging from SEO and content marketing to growing a small business. That's where we see our brand thriving, and so we should develop a content strategy of of that.

Blogging goes beyond that though, based off those core topics there are likely a series of keywords that are commonly searched for on Google. You've seen it all the time - you search for one thing and suddenly Google is suggested 5-10 other keywords you could be searching for.

The idea is to have content created for those 5-10 other keywords, so no matter what variation your prospects search for, they find you and not someone else. That's a lot of coverage though.

Fortunately we've got you covered with 'Constellations'. Constellations are clusters of keywords around the core topics identified for your website, these are the most commonly suggested keywords and search phrases that Google offers.

You can save and manage constellations viewing valuable insights like the number of times a search phrase is typed into Google, and what value the keyword adds to your website.

You can add/remove keywords as well to round out your constellation

Why does this matter?

Because this is what you need to be blogging about.

In order to get the most out of your blog you need to be writing about content that matches what your customers and prospects are actually searching for on Google. Now about finding actual content to start creating, we've got an answer for that too.

If you head to the News section of the app, you can run searches to find top content by constellation, we'll return articles from across the web identifying the keyword that brought them in order to give you a bit of inspiration.

Quality content is at your fingertips to repurpose for your own website. Now finding out what to blog about can take as little as a few minutes thanks to our SEO and News tools at Centori.

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