45 blogs on marketing you should bookmark right now

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When it comes to content marketing you can never have too many resources. 

Seriously, content marketing is broad and constantly evolving. To make matters worse, there is a great deal of disinformation out there. Frankly, low-quality information too.

So I've compiled a list of 45 blogs on various aspects of content marketing for you to learn from. Bookmark them, subscribe to them, or ignore them - it's your choice. I hope you find a new favorite resources to power your next marketing strategy or campaign.

Are we missing a blog here? Probably, there are millions of blogs out there but I never promised that the list would be exhaustive - just that there would be 43 blogs to inspire you.

This list is broken into sections from general marketing to companies/blogs that specialize on one aspect.

General Marketing

Marketing Examples

Why must marketing be so opaque? Marketing Examples collects examples of marketing done well. From cold emailing to SEO they provide case studies of real examples and practical tips for any business to try. If you're lost fending for yourself, it's well worth your while to browse this site for some inspiration.

Digital Marketer

From tools to trainings and workshops these guys have you covered. If you're brand new to marketing this site is an excellet resource to get started and ease yourself in. 


In the marketing software world it's hard not to run into HubSpot. HubSpot is a marketing, sales, and service provider based in Cambridge MA and they create tons of awesome content on their blog. Not to mention the courses offered at HubSpot Academy teaching marketing fundamentals.


Another leader in the marketing SaaS world is Marketo who specializes in robust enterprise marketing software. Their blog is chock full of advanced marketing tips, strategies, and trends to get your juices flowing and keep you up to speed on the latest evolutions in marketing.


Kapost specializes in customer retention and customer journey software, so it's no wonder that their blog will be full of inventive ways to market to your customer base and keep them engaged. Marketing and communication don't stop once someone clicks buy, there's a whole new set of strategies to try and Kapost does a great job covering them.


QuickSprout boasts a website builder and hosting platform so they know a thing or two about marketing - from content marketing to automation they've got plenty of excellent resources on their site to upskill your team.


Drift is playing quite the role in ushering a new era for marketing: namely conversational marketing. As a result they're definitely a voice worth listening to in order to keep up on the current trends and 'skate where the puck is going' so to speak.


Unbounce knows a thing or two about marketing and conversions as a page building platform, and their blog is no exception. They're definitely worth a subscribe if you want to improve your page building and conversion flows.

Content Marketing Institute

When you've got a name like 'Content Marketing Institute' you're setting a high bar for yourself, these guys deliver though with a variety of content covering tools, tricks, and best practices on pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to content marketing.


CoSchedule boasts a range of tools (from headline analyzer to social media optimization) and their blog follows suit with a range of topics to teach you pretty much anything when it comes to content marketing and conversion optimization.


Could there be a better name for a CRM company? Close specializes in email and CRM software so you shouldn't be surprised that their blog is full of strategies and tips to closing deals.


Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert is a powerhouse of a marketing consulting firm and has a great site anyone can learn from - whether you're in the consulting biz yourself or working in house. They've got plenty of free ebooks as well for continued learning to dig even deeper.

Sujan Patel

Another well-known figure in the agency space is Sujan Patel. Sujan has been prolific in the marketing space working with big name clients and creating plenty of great content to share what he's learned along the way.

Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing is a great example of an agency that isn't afraid to share a bit of their secret sauce. From deep blog posts to ebooks they've produced tons of content for free that any business can leverage.

Rebekah Rice

Another well-known player in the agency space is Rebekah Rice who covers everything from social media marketing to podcasting and video creation. Her blog is a must-read for anyone getting into digital marketing looking to speed up their knowledge of the industry.

Razor Social 

These agencies sure love giving content away huh? Razor Social's content is definitely worth a review and despite the site name they cover a lot more than just social media.


Carney is a bit unique on our list because they're a design agency but design is critical to your marketing success - if something is not visually pleasing or hard to understand you won't do very well at converting visitors to leads. Fortunately Carney has tons of free content on their blog to teach you some design basics.


SEM Journal

SEM Journal is pretty much your one-stop shop for anything SEO and search engine marketing. From news to best practices and full courses this site has you covered on trends and trainings.

SEM Post

They don't publish quite as frequently, but when they do it's worth the read. SEM Post features in-depth analysis of news and trends straight from Google keeping you abreast of what's changing in the SEO world.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is a must-read site for anyone wanting to dive into the deep end of SEO. From news to tutorial videos and best practices Search Engine Watch has tons of great content to meet your SEO educational needs.


No list of great marketing blogs is complete without Moz. From their whiteboard Friday videos to their community posts and in-depth case studies Moz is a must-have newsletter in your inbox.


Backlinko is a must-read for SEO knowledge and tips. Brian's blog is filled with in-depth tutorials, walkthroughs, and case studies and his newsletter is worth a subscribe as well. 


Along with Moz Ahrefs is another industry standard in the SEO world, as a result they know their shit when it comes to SEO and are worth checking out for best practices and inspiration to boost your rank.



I've always been a fan of Copyblogger and honestly cannot recommend them enough. From the continuous series of great content to their ebooks and courses they truly are a one stop shop for anyone who wants to take their content to the next level.


Similar to Copyblogger Smartblogger is an excellent resource when it comes to writing and content marketing. They're curated more towards folks who want to make a career of freelance writing though if you're marketing in-house there is still plenty of great material to read and learn from.

Social media marketing

Social Media Examiner

When someone asks me about a social media blog to read Social Media Examiner is the first one that comes to mind. They've got tons of great content, an active email list, tutorials, trainings, and even events. If there's one social media blog you bookmark make it this one!

Social Media Today

If you want to be an expert on all things social, Social Media Today is a great blog to subscribe to in order to get started. From trends to best practices they've got you completely covered.

Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen has been in the industry for some time (top social media blog in 2012 & 2013) so obviously she knows her stuff. Her blog is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn from a verteran in the industry to level up their marketing strategy.

Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick's blog is as aestthetic as it is chock full of great info. From fun lifestyle articles to serious social media know-how Peg has you covered and is definitely worth the subscribe.


Buffer's pretty cool but Oktopost takes things to a whole new level with their platform and their blog follows through, they offer everything from the basics to advanced resources to take your social media strategy to a whole new level.


Though I've never used the platform, I've heard excellent things about Buzzsumo and the deep analytics they provide. Their blog is an excellent free resource as well on social media and content marketing best practices.


We're big fans of Buffer (disclosure, we are customers and integrate with them) and because of that I'd say their blog is a must-read if you want to keep up with social media posting and reporting best practices.

Email Marketing


OptinMonster's bread and butter is conversion optimization, so if that's your weakspot they are worth the subscribe. From strategies to increase conversion rates to new and inventive ways to capture email addresses on your site these guys have tons of great content to inspire you.


Litmus has made a name for themselves as an email previw platform allowing you to test emails across devices, though their blog and industry reports are worth the follow on their own.


Mailchimp is one of the best-known free email marketing platforms and for good reason - they rock it. Their blog is chock full of excellent content and best practices around email marketing, and marketing in general as they continue to expand.


Vero is a hybrid between email and chat as they specialize in messaging and notifications for users. As a result they've got plenty of content stored up covering email marketing best practices, re-engagement campaigns and more.

Active Campaign

Another email marketing SaaS leader is Active Campaign. Active Campaign updates their blog quite frequently, covering topics around marketing and sales email best practices, as well as how to do automation the right way to boost your business.

Digital Trends

Seth Godin's blog

Seth Godin has made quite the name for himself. Whether it's his 17 books, his podcasts, courses. the guy is prolific. His blog isn't exactly about marketing per se but it's chock full of good tidbits and stories. He has a daily blog that I've subscribed to which sends quick posts via email and is well worth checking out.


An old standby, Entrepreneur.com is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, small businesses and more who want to learn the ins and outs of starting a business and marketing it effectively.


Canva has done a tremendous job at making something inaccessible simple, and creating training to turn novices into experts. As marketers we sometimes need to be designers too. Canva has a host of excellent resources to get up to speed as a designer and create something beautiful whether it's a poster or an infographic.


Cmo, owned by Adobe, is a leading site on digital insights and content marketing trends. They’re not so “in the weeds” on blogging and social media as much as they are high level. Cmo documents digital trends from ads to branding case studies for the advanced marketer looking to level up their knowledge. Definitely a great site to keep saved in your browser.

Startup Mindset

Are you in the startup mindset? You will be after browsing this blog. Startup Mindset is full of trends and inspirtation for any entrepreneurs and hopeful entrepreneurs alike.


A great blog that goes in depth into the technology side of marketing. Let's face it, marketing is constantly evolving as a field and either you're keeping up with the latest technologies or you are falling behind. For those who want some more indepth and advanced reading, this blog is a great place to dive into the deep end of the pool.


Their tagline is 'where business and technology meet' and the certainly deliver on that promise. If you're looking to learn more about the latest tech and how it is changing the marketing and business landscape this is a website to put at the top of your bookmarks list.


We agree, spin does suck. From blogging and content best practices to customer communication SpinSucks delivers content almost daily to their blog giving you something new to read every time you visit.

Going Forward

There you have it, 43 of the best blogs on marketing.

From SEO and blogging all the way to social media and digital trends I hope this list gives you a head start on leveling up your own marketing strategy. Let's face it, marketing can be really hard so you need all the tools you can get. I'd be remiss to not mention our own blog - if you want to get tips like these delivered to your inbox every month fill out the form below (we hate spam so don't worry, you won't get a zillion emails right off the bat).

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